“…One of the highest of the highlights was getting to meet Kieran Binnie, a luthier, woodworker, music lover and history nut. Kieran runs the Over the Wireless blog, where he discusses woodworking, building guitars and martial arts and somehow blends them all into a very interesting and readable mix. Oh, and his guitars are gorgeous. Do subscribe to his blog. And read more about Kieran on Chris Hughes’ blog at Artifact Bag. And check out this Telecaster he built. Must. Resist.”
– Chris Schwarz, Lost Art Press

“…It’s even better when someone who writes at the exceedingly high caliber Kieran Binnie exemplifies on a blog that is getting serious attention in the hand tool world!”
– Mark Harrell, Bad Axe Tool Works

“Kieran is a luthier (he makes good guitars) but has come over to doing flat work for furniture and he is an entertaining and erudite writer. He is also a contributor to Furniture and Cabinetmaking Magazine. It was Kieran who also ran probably the best written commentary on July’s antics building the Anarchist’s Tool Chest with Chris Schwarz this summer.”
– Paul Mayon, New English Workshop

“I haven’t been interviewed much for my work and there’s always an unknown of how it will be interpreted. [My husband] has been interviewed several times and inevitably things get misquoted. Your article was so well written, I feel like people can well understand a piece of my story and journey as a craftsperson. Thank you for that.”
– Michigan
based engraver Jenny Bower

“With the boot bench finally in position, my hallway has gone from messily cluttered to a state of butch elegance. The careful consideration of shape, proportion, material and finish have made the space substantially more functional and beautiful” – client’s response following installation of the Policeman’s Boot Bench. See the full testimonial here.

6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. The tool in the inset photo you ask about in the Furniture and Cabinetmaker magazine article Workshop Archaeology is a lathe tool holder from the Armstrong Tool Company of Chicago. It’s designed to hold steels for turning like a handle.

  2. Having only just read your interesting article in Issue 237 of F&C I am hardly surprised to see that you have already had input concerning the ‘Tool’ shown on page 34.
    Without research, I would say it is a metal working toolholder which would have held a thin vertical blade for parting (the finished product).
    Thanks for the interesting read.

  3. Hello I found your article just by searching on John Brown Welsh Stick chairs. I am a doctor with a keen interest in woodworking as a hobby. After reading John’s book on Welsh Stick Chairs I was instantly hooked and have made several chairs along the same lines (though nowhere near as good!) – and all with hand tools. I spoke to him over the telephone but regrettable never met him. I’d be very interested to purchase a copy of your book – would it be possible to let me know when it’s published?

    Thanks very much, Geraint Morris

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