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Over the Wireless Limited (company number 9811542) is a limited company incorporated in the United Kingdom.


All products refered to, or reviewed on, Over the Wireless have been purchased at full retail value with my own money. I do not accept free tools or products in return for writing about them on this site.

I assisted Bad Axe Tool Works with the design and development of their Luthier’s Saw. My payment for this work was a production unit Luthier’s Saw. I received no further payment for writing about the saw (I write about it because I think it is a fine product) nor any commission off future sales of the saw.

I receive a standard freelance fee from Furniture & Cabinet Making and Popular Woodworking for articles written for those publications, but no fee for referring to those (or any other) publications on Over the Wireless. Similarly, while I am under contract to Lost Art Press for the John Brown book, I receive no payment for referring to that book or any other books published by LAP. Occasionally I am offered a fee for hosting third party content on Over the Wireless. I always say no.

All content on Over the Wireless is my honest, personal opinion