Proof of Life

Bowls, oiled, waxed and ready for shipping

Time at the workbench has been in short supply over the past week or so, due to other time pressures, but I have managed to finish these three bowls, which will be heading out to their forever homes tomorrow. Maple and Julep green milk paint by Old Fashioned Milk Paint might just be my new favourite combination.

Left to right: cherry, maple, and ash

The Apprentice is currently into Harry Potter in a big way, so I’ve also turned a few magic wands for Halloween – a satisfying and quick project. Now it’s back to the boarded bookcase for the last push through to completion. But having a few smaller turning projects for odd moments has proved to be a nice way to stay productive when I don’t have time to work on my main projects.

Wands in ash, maple and sapele. Yer a wizard, ‘Arry

Keep Those Bowls a’Turning


Recently I’ve settled into a pleasant routine of turning bowls in the evening, with work on the boarded bookcase taking place during more extended day time sessions at the bench. The bowls pictured here have all found homes, and have been posted out. But I will be turning more, so if you want a bowl then do drop me a line through the blog, or to kieran [at] overthewireless dot com.

Bowl turning has turned into a play ground for experimenting with form and colour, while still aiming to make objects of use. These bowls range from 4 7/8″ diameter to 6″ diameter. My next run will include several 12″ diameter fruit bowls.