Keep Those Bowls a’Turning


Recently I’ve settled into a pleasant routine of turning bowls in the evening, with work on the boarded bookcase taking place during more extended day time sessions at the bench. The bowls pictured here have all found homes, and have been posted out. But I will be turning more, so if you want a bowl then do drop me a line through the blog, or to kieran [at] overthewireless dot com.

Bowl turning has turned into a play ground for experimenting with form and colour, while still aiming to make objects of use. These bowls range from 4 7/8″ diameter to 6″ diameter. My next run will include several 12″ diameter fruit bowls.


3 thoughts on “Keep Those Bowls a’Turning

  1. I’d love a bowl for my mum’s birthday! (It’s not until October but I do like to plan!) I was just wondering what price they are please?

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