Roubo Is Here

There is nothing quite as cathartic as the traditional end of a project clean up in the workshop. The opportunity to re-order the timber racks, clear out scrap, and impose order on the ‘shop. Completing the Roubo bench called for this more than ever, given that the project itself has prompted a major re-organisation of the ‘shop. While the workshop was looking tidy and clean I decided to take some beauty shots of the bench, before it settles into a life of being used. In normal times, Gareth Partington would be working his magic (as he has for the pieces in my portfolio), but these are not normal times and lock-down makes calling in an external photographer unviable. Maybe I’ll ask Gareth to take some photos of the bench in a few years’ time to capture the patina, battle scars and wear.

But for now, these will suffice. Proof that Roubo is here, and he is good.



Benchcrafted Glide C vise


Curved vise chop profile, and vise handwheel


Draw bore peg in barefaced mortise and tenon joint


Maker’s Mark Plaque by Jenny Bower


Saddlebag by Texas Heritage, mounted at front end of bench


Planing stop and lump hammer peg


Planing stop forged by Peter Ross


Crucible holdfasts, stored in the front-right leg


Benchcrafted swing away seat, mounted on front right leg


Shelf fitted with tongue and groove joinery and beading detail


Grease box


Grease box pivoted out for access


Roubo on Roubo – Plate 11 provided the blue print for this bench, and the Burn HeartPied du Roi ruler provided the base unit of measurement

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