Breaking Radio Silence


Want to know what this is part of? Then stay tuned for more…

It has been 21 days since my last post, which is the longest period of inactivity on the blog since Dr Moss and I were on honeymoon in 2013. The truth is, while I have felt pangs of guilt for letting my weekly writing schedule slide I’ve had little opportunity over the past three weeks to write, due to a final push to complete my project article for Popular Woodworking, implementing some much needed (and long overdue) workshop improvements, and recovering from an unpleasant bout of shingles. The frantic pace of the last couple of weeks has finally abated, so I will be returning to the regular weekly updates very soon.

A very special project will be starting imminently, which I’m looking forward to sharing it here on the blog. Photographer Gareth Partington stopped by the workshop last night for a photo session of two completed projects, and I will be posting those photos here soon. So there is plenty of exciting content to come over the next month.


Gareth, mid-photo shoot in the workshop last night

In the meantime, Chris posted some very exciting Welsh Stick Chair news over the weekend, which is well worth reading if you haven’t already.

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