Staked Work Table – in situ, in pictures


A vintage compass (from 1904) sits on the corner of my desk. The lif of the compass is engraved with “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost.

As soon as a project is finished and installed, most of my attention tends to switch to the next build on my work bench. The staked desk is a little different, in that I’ve been sitting at it most evenings this week catching up on various items of work. And it has been wonderful to spend some quality time working at the desk – I’m sure this is a piece of furniture that will age well as I spent many hours, and years, working at it.


A confluence of components – the top, batten, and leg all coming together.

One of my favourite post-completion stages is always taking detail shots of the completed piece. Gareth is booked for a photo session in April, so there will be new additions to the Portfolio section of OtW in the near future. But in the meantime here are some detail shots I took of the desk in situ.


The finish on the top worked very well. Plenty of protection, and the figure is emphasised without becoming distracting.


Maker’s mark on the left hand batten.




More facets. This time one of the back legs.


Left hand batten.


This is my favourite detail – the leg tenon entering the batten. Just a little hint of the, compound angles, and lovely facets. I could look at this element of the desk all day.

11 thoughts on “Staked Work Table – in situ, in pictures

  1. Lovely work, looks both sturdy and graceful. I like it without the drawer. Have you thought about a drawer box on the underside of the back to hold the computer power strip? Thank you for letting us follow along.

    • Thanks Guy, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series! Cable management, and hiding the power strip, is definitely on my mind. I’ll keep playing around with solutions until I find something I like, but I’ll be sure to post it up here once I’ve sorted it.

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      • It’s getting there. I had to make a slight modification as my original design wasn’t up to snuff. I’m now adding breadboard ends on, which has delayed things a few weeks. I hope to have the breadboards completed this week and then it’s on to installing a few butterfly keys. Then it’ll time for final prep and finishing.

        Given my work and travel schedule, that means it’s about another month. Sigh…

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