Just a 12-string beauty pageant

When Gareth was in the workshop a couple of weeks ago we managed to find time to do a photoshoot of Esmerelda as well as the Policeman’s Boot Bench. I’ve wanted to have set of high quality photos of Esme for some time, so was delighted to see what Gareth had done. One of the benefits of getting a photographer in to take photos is that they bring a fresh perspective and spot details or angles which you (as the maker) can often overlook. So it was with this shoot.


Esmerelda – super jumbo sized 12 string acoustic guitar


The body shape was inspired by pre-war era Gibson guitars, with a large rounded lower bout, tight waist, and small square shoulders.


Inlay of morther of pearl, black pearl, gold pearl, green abalone, and red abalone, on cocobolo headstock veneer.


The Indian rosewood fretboard is developing some nice character after a decade of playing


Rosewood/ maple/ rosewood soundhole decoration, and cocobolo bridge, on European spruce soundboard


Mahogany neck, with a rosewood grain filler, coat of shellac, and waterbased lacquer


Indian rosewood back, with maple and rosewood binding to match the soundhole decoration.

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