Joining the sticker swap revolution

Handworks 2017 promises to be a really special couple of days, not least because it is just about the only time you can expect to find a significant proportion of our community all together in the same barn. And so I thought it would be fun to have some new OtW merchandise for the event.

These OtW decals have now arrived from the printer, and Tom’s design work is looking as crisp as ever. But how do you get your hands on these stickers? Easy. Come and find me at Handworks – I’ll be helping out on the Sterling Tool Works stand, and also dashing about covering the event for Furniture & Cabinetmaking. The stickers are $2 each or $3 for the pair. BUT if you wear an OtW tee to Handworks then you can claim both decals free of charge. I will also have a couple of OtW tees for sale (priced at $25 each).

If you’re not going to Handworks, but will be at the European Woodwork Show in September, do not despair – I’ll have a fresh print run of the decals with me at EWS.

If you’re going to Handworks let me know by leaving a comment below. Looking forward to steering everyone in Iowa next week!

10 thoughts on “Joining the sticker swap revolution

  1. Hmmm… I think the red OTW shirt should go OK with the brown kilt.


    I’ve already promised Phil Edwards I’d wear my Premier League shirt with the St. George on the back in honour of him and Steve (I wore it the first day of Hand Works last year because the Kilted Woodworker was working the Philly Planes booth).

    So… I might just pay the 2 quid.

    Also, if you want to do something to make Finley happy, bring one or two British coins with you and give them to him when we see you. He loves foreign currency. I’ll pay you back. 😉

  2. I’ll be there!Can you bring a current issue so I can buy it?  I hear there is an article about Blue Spruce Toolworks in it :)I really need to get a subscription!Dave JeskeBlue Spruce Toolworks35900 Industrial Way, Suite 303Sandy, OR 97055503-668-8665

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