The Life & Work of John Brown


I doubt I have any readers who don’t already read Chris’ blog over at Lost Art Press. But just in case anyone somehow missed his post yesterday, I’m pleased to announce that I have signed up to co-author a book for Lost Art Press about the influential and radical chair maker John Brown. We agreed and signed contracts for the book a couple of months ago, and have been waiting for the last pieces to fall into place before announcing the book. Co-authoring the book will be Chris Williams, who built chairs alongside John for many years. Given his personal hisory with John Brown, working wih Chris Williams is about as close to the source of Welsh Stick Chairs as it is possible to get. And those chairs are simply gorgeous.

John Brown’s work is incredible, and it is an honour to be involved in a project which will (if we do our jobs properly) give John the legacy he deserves.  There’s plenty of hard graft ahead on this project, and I can’t wait to start work with Chris Williams and the team at Lost Art Press.

5 thoughts on “The Life & Work of John Brown

  1. Hi , John brown was a great influence on my woodworking journey , some 30 odd years ago when I lived in the mountains of north wales, I eventually. Became a full time chair maker for 15 years , Welsh stick chairs were my favourite , along with others , loved his writings and whole approach to life , I often think of him, and jack hill, John Seymour , alas they are all gone , oh and not forgetting fred dibnah
    Diolch n fawr,
    Dave Brearley

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