Behind the scenes at Auriou Toolworks


Paulin Causse, Michel’s great uncle, and one of the second generation blacksmiths at Forge de Saint Juey

If you picked up a copy of issue 249 Furniture & Cabinet Making then you will have seen my feature on Auriou Toolworks. Forge de Saint Juery is a fascinating place to visit, and I walked away with far more photos than would fit into one magazine article. So here are some of my favourite shots that didn’t make it into the article.


Stitching the teeth for a rasp is an exacting and precise process.


Anvil and hammer for heavy duty black smithing


Shaping the tang with a drop hammer


Grinding the edge of a Chris Pye carging gouge


Michel and myself


Saint Juery is only a short drive from Albi, home to this beautiful 13th century cathedral (now a UNESCO world heritage site)

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