Branding: not just for cows


Some ideas snowball quickly, while some slowly percolate over a far greater period of time. Nonetheless, no idea is born in a vacuum, and most are linked to other thoughts. I’ve wanted a maker’s mark for some time now, but two (quite significant) stumbling blocks have thus far stopped me from doing anything about it; I can’t draw whatsoever, and I couldn’t decide whether any maker’s mark should be linked to the blog, or my name, or something else entirely. So the inertia set in.

And then last autumn, as the freelance woodwork writing continued to grow, and further opportunities presented themselves, I set up Over the Wireless Limited as a way of formalising and managing the different threads of my writing and woodwork. Bingo, a new entity is born, and my woodworking identity started to coalesce. In truth this shouldn’t have been a big surprise –  I’ve been writing as Over the Wireless for two and a half years now, the blog is how I originally scored the writing gigs, and EWS 2015 showed (much against all expectations) that I do have a good sized and loyal readership. So Over the Wireless it is.

Now, it’s easy when you set up a new business to fall into the trap of thinking that you now need to invest in all manner of equipment and merchandise that you didn’t previously need (hey, we need two photocopiers and a watercooler, because how can we have an office without those?!). And that is a way to lose money and quickly go bust. Which doesn’t sound like much fun. And to be honest my woodwork needs are simple, and I’ve never enjoyed buying gadgets for the sake of it. So there’ll be no Over the Wireless calendars or bumper stickers. But having some way of communicating with the world as to what (and who) Over the Wireless is, and how folk can contact me, is fundamental. At EWS I got through a vast number of business cards which identified the blog url and my contact details. But that was prior to setting up the company, and this time around I wanted to do it with a little more… style.

So (and this is where we get back to my original point) I asked graphic designer, and all round great chap, Tom Richards to design some company branding. One of the skills of a real craftsman is being able to understand what the customer wants, even if they aren’t sure themselves, and Tom showed himself to be such a craftsman. Although I had an idea of the feel I wanted for the branding, I didn’t have anything concrete in mind as to how it should look, and Tom ran with the brief I sent him and far exceeded all my expectations.

The result is a trio of strong designs that tie in together, and can be used for the different formats I need. So, for a logo (and now proudly displayed at the banner of the blog):

OTW Logo - Double Line Lockup

That longed for maker’s mark, now looks like this (which will also be embroidered onto a set of chisel and auger bit rolls Jason is currently making for me):

OTW Logo - Maker's mark

And finally, as a stand banner for future woodwork shows:

OTW Logo - Graphic

I couldn’t be more pleased with the branding, and the way this captures the identity of Over the Wireless. Tom’s work has been top notch and very swift, and I’d happily recommend him to anyone who needs graphic design services (you can email Tom at phototropicalia [at] gmail [dot] com to discuss your design needs).

Next post will be back to the real business of making woodshavings. But I’m really pleased with the new graphics – and what is the point of having branding unless you can have an online launch!

8 thoughts on “Branding: not just for cows

  1. Looks great Kieran. The font alone is excellent and I know that such a unique identifier will be of great use to you.

    I keep thinking I need to do something like this, but my blog logo is already too close to some of the LAP stuff. Perhaps some thought is in order.

    • Thanks Jim, I’m really pleased with what Tom came up with. If you’re stuck at a creative impasse then I can definitely recommend working with a graphic designer to bring fresh perspective to what you want.

  2. A nice looking logo. I can’t help thinking about a guy here in the States that had a radio show playing baroque music. His name was DeKoven, and he was famous for saying that the music was OTW, by which he meant Out of This World. –Tom

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