Anarchist’s Tool Chest – Glamour Shots

With our relocation from the West Country to Birmingham now imminent (only two weeks to go until move date!) every available moment has been spent filling boxes and packing up, which means that I’ve only had one day in the workshop so far this year (and that day was spent working on something which will be unveiled soon). Which is why there has been radio silence on the blog for longer than I would have ordinarily liked.

With the trays completed before Christmas the Anarchist’s Tool Chest build was finished, and over the festive break I found time to load up my tools into the completed chest. I also added a cleat to the back of the saw till wall to hold my coping saw in the main well of the chest, and a nylon cord stop so that the weight of the lid does not pull the hinges out. Brass chain would have been more historically accurate, but the chord is good and strong, so will do the job.


Now that the chest is complete and fully stocked with tools, it is the perfect opportunity to show some detail shots, before I move into the new workshop.


The escutcheon and lock.


The top tray contains marking and lay out tools and tool care supplies, while the middle tray holds my lutherie related tools and plane blades (toothed blades for my block and bench planes, router plane blades etc). The bottom tray (not pictured) carries small planes (block and shoulder planes), my chisel rolls, and other tools which are too large for the other trays but too small to lie on the floor of the chest.


The book that inspired the chest.


Here you can see the cleat that holds my coping saw, the saw till, and part of the main well of the chest.DSC_0334

Signed by Chris Schwarz. When I am next at home I will add my signature to the back wall.


The stop cord, and the lovely contrast between milk painted exterior and unfinished dust stop.

All that remains now is to move the chest into the new workshop and start working out of it. This project has been at the top of my to do list since 2011, so to have successfully completed it brings a great sense of satisfaction, all the more so given that it is my first furniture project. I genuinely can’t wait to start working out of my Anarchist’s Tool Chest!

11 thoughts on “Anarchist’s Tool Chest – Glamour Shots

    • Thanks, Sue! I think I can trust the removal guys with the chest (and in fact I don’t really have a choice – it won’t fit in my car and is a 3 man lift as a minimum). Really looking forward to setting up the new workshop and making progress with the next projects now!

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