Apron Strings and Interviews

I’ve been looking for a good workshop apron for some time now, but nothing I found quite fit the bill. That was until I came across Artifact Bag Co and promptly ordered a No.235L Artisan Apron, which arrived a couple of weeks ago. I’ve spent a couple of days in the workshop wearing the apron and it is everything I had hoped – hard wearing but comfortable, close fitting but still allowing ease of movement. And the pockets are of a good size, but close good and tight so that they don’t collect wood shavings. In short this is the perfect workshop apron for my needs, and I have every confidence it will last me a great many years.

Over the course of a number of emails yesterday, Chris at Artifact Bag Co asked if I would participate in an interview about lutherie for their site. Which was incredibly flattering, and I set my mind to answering the questions Chris had posed to me. The interview is now online, and can be viewed (if you so desire) at the Artifact Bag Co Blog.

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