The Anarchist’s Tool Chest

“The mere act of owning real tools and having the power to use them is a radical and rare idea that can help change the world around us and – if we are persistent – preserve the craft…

…I hope to make the case that most woodworkers I’ve met are ‘aesthetic anarchists’ – people who work with their hands, own their tools and seek to live in a world where making something (anything) is the goal of each day.”

– C Schwarz, The Anarchist’s Tool Chest

It is difficult to understate the impact The Anarchist’s Tool Chest had on the way I approach my woodwork. The half articulated ideas which had been slowly fermenting since the course in Totnes finally coalesced, with Schwarz filling in the gaps and signposting where the path could lead. This was an approach which meshed with my own embryonic thoughts on woodworking, another Eurika! moment.

In addition to being an important work about the ideas behind hand tool working, The Anarchist’s Tool Chest is also a fantastic project. Which is why I am very excited to have booked a place on Chris Schwarz’s first class in the UK, this July. Hosted by the New English Workshop, Chris is teaching a five day course on building the ATC.

You can expect a detailed account of the course here. Roll on 21 July!

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